Anonymous asked: not annoying at all that double standard is a LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCE hey. I'm so sorry that your mom feels that way, it's AWESOME that you're being responsible re: birth control and taking charge of your sexuality in a way that brings you joy.

I’ve had it my entire life throughout everything considering I’m the only girl in the family so I was always expected to be different. I could care less what she thinks to be honest, she’s very narrow minded, and I’m not.

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joffrey lupul gives jvr a beauty lesson (x)

Had a talk with my mom today. Basically told her that I can’t wait to have sex again without having to worry about pregnancy. Then she comes out with “crystal don’t be a slut” and I was like you know what fuck you. If my three brothers said something along the lines of they were worried about getting a girl pregnant so they didn’t have sex and then found a way to be safe everytime, they’d get a pat on the back and a round of applause. Me, I get told to not be a slut and not to be easy. Then I asked her if she ever once tried to tell them not to have sex, and she couldn’t even lie and say she did. So I was like then why the fuck do you expect different from me.

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there is no lost generation of maple leafs fans

Look at the beautiful sunset 😍

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do any of you watch any youtubers religiously? if so which ones?

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The Pittsburgh Penguins


I know I made a follow forever in May but since then I’ve followed and talked to so many nice people and being stranded in Florida this past week made me think of how much I appreciate you. Whether we’re sending each other pictures of Papi Rask at three in the morning, discussing our love for Neymar and Tyler Posey, or plotting to send Sam Gagner to the Islanders, I love talking to you. Even if we don’t talk much I still love seeing you on my dash and reading your posts.

I probably forgot a ton of people because I’m still tired af so don’t be offended if you aren’t on here, I still love you anyway!!

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